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Today’s inspiration

Posted: 11. August 2011 in Design
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What a floor! What a view!

I love the simplicity of this loft in London, emphasized with the grandness of the floor-to-ceiling windows and the business heart of the City that beats proudly on the horizon.

I really like the slightly dusted colour of the floor.

Hello guys! This time I’m posting for you from London where I’m visiting a friend and planning new mountaineering adventures.

All day yesterday was spent walking down town for hours and hours…A two hour brake was spent on great theatrical entertainment – the thrilling Chicago musical! With all the colour and sound inputs I really needed to lay my eyes on something more serene and quiet. A gorgeous mountain house with lots of warmth and homeliness has just a perfect stress-out effect on me. Does it also on you?

All relaxed and full of new energy I’m going for a 6,2km run along the following route:

…but only one of its walls … 🙂

Here comes one of my favourite corners of the house – the sewing-machine corner 🙂

I love it for the old Singer that my mom’s mom used to sew on. It’s like 100 years old!!!

I love it for the Bourgie lamp by Ferruccio Laviani for Kartell.

I love it for the baroque mirror (Ilva) and the Philippe Starck radio (for 50 EUR) 😉 – yes that cream coloured plastic cone-shaped thing that you see on the first picture is a radio 😉

I also love this corner for the holy icon and the small souvenir plate from Israel.

To the right from the Singer corner comes our fireplace – highly appreciated during long winter evenings that sometimes seem to be never ending…

Further to the right you’ll find my favourite picture shelves from IKEA where I keep two flat teak sculptures from an antic shop in Thailand. Below the Thai accents you can spot my holiday pictures from Rome, London and some place in the Austrian Alpes 😉

I cannot wait to show you more of my small, cosy place I proudly call home 😉

Doors to London’s heart :o)

Posted: 28. April 2010 in Design
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A great weekend in London has just ended and here is a collage of pictures that reflects the multicultural and colourful nature of this city in a symbolic way.

Main entrance doors in gorgeous Notting Hill district lead directly to the heart of the city. In London there is a ‘door’ for everybody who’s curious enough to open it and take the first steps.

Hope you enjoy this exterior piece of common art – a rare thing to find on my interior design blog 🙂