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Details from my kitchen

Posted: 9. March 2011 in Design

Come on in guys! Welcome to my all-in-one-kitchen-and-living-room area! 🙂

I really like this place…mostly for its simplicity and room for mood or season related accessories. I hope you’ll choose to leave a comment or two… Be gentle though. You’re dealing with a vulnerable creature here 😉

I love all about the dining area – the Ingo Maurer pendant, the Philippe Starck chairs and the Italian glass-and-chrome table with an absolutely wonderful extension system – perfect for women…can be operated with one hand only 🙂

More Philippe Starck… 🙂

A romantic sketch of the world famous Nyhavn…

I’ve written about ways to divide surplus space before here.
The possibilities seem to be unending…
Bookshelves. The best type for the job is an open, airy shelving system that can be used from both sides. Cubic, designed by Gino Carollo for Italian Bonaldo is a good example of such a piece of furniture. It’s not too wide and that’s why you can easily use two or three of them next to one another. Cubic can be purchased through Danish Skanbach Furniture.
Another type of the shelving system is a more stationary one that can be set up instead of a solid wall. You can still enjoy what’s going on in the other room and light can easily penetrate both areas. The actual items that you choose to display on the shelves will work as a natural light dimmer.
An even more solid solution is a large T-formed table top made of Corian and a brick chimney pillar, that partially is camouflaged as a three-door cabinet console. This combination makes it possible to have a small studio/PC-area in connection with the kitchen, at the same time adding extra kitchen storage.
Kitchen elements come from ‘Form og køkken‘ , while the endless Corian possibilities can be further investigated at
Sometimes it takes very little to define that fine line that separates two rooms. Here, the Amari shelving system that can also be used as a desk, emphasizes the hall area between the kitchen and the living room. It’s really enough to ‘break the code’ and soften the borders. Amari and the Zarra chair can both be found at BoConcept.
And as the last suggestion let’s have a look at the string-curtains again. This time they’re used in a bathroom. They add a new dimension to an otherwise square room. The ones shown on the picture below can be found at Hay.
I have a confession to make…I’m not really fond of cooking. I mean I love celebrating food. Those who know me well, know also that I really enjoy friend and family gatherings that include eating
…but who has time (even though I truly believe we should all find time for that!) to celebrate long meals that often require timely preparations?
The lack of proper kitchen appliances is often the reason why we simply go for the ‘easy’ solutions during busy weekdays.
Maybe it’s time to update our kitchen equipment, just as we keep our tv-sets, computers, mobile phones MP3-players up to date?
If the guaranteed outcome is that I actually feel like cooking every day and thus celebrating life through good food – I’d definitely say YES! 😉
…good-bye my 3-year-old stove and oven and very warm welcome to the uncomplicated and flexible cooking with Siemens.
Siemens discControl
I love the idea of controlling my stove with the same smooth finger tip movements as if it was my iPod. The hobs are also removable, so that you can prevent your child from getting hurt… not to mention the much easier cleaning, which certainly makes cooking more appealing.
Siemens flexInduction – besides, your pots and pans can be placed basically anywhere on the induction zone. The stove takes automatically account of the number and size of the pans.
Bon appetit! 😉

Modern minimalist kitchen design

Posted: 7. July 2010 in Design
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I’ve just  found this great SCIC kitchen in ultra-minimalist design and unusual finish. Its hanging cabinets are made of lacquered polyester and tempered glass of different colours. As a majority of minimalist kitchens, this one has no handles either and is otherwise characterized by simple shapes and straight lines. Its wall panel is decorated by LED lights.

Modern Kitchen Design By Scic

…and to complement the minimalist kitchen I would use this dining table from Meridiani – a combination of a metal base and a glass top.

New colours from Georg Jensen

Posted: 9. June 2010 in Design
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Feel like having some coffee or tea to make up for the gloomy weather outside your window (at least if your post address includes one of the Danish post codes 😉 )?

Georg Jensen has released their timeless Quack coffee pot in two new pastel colours.

Inspiring things for my kitchen

Posted: 21. May 2010 in Design
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Not that I spend that much time in the kitchen 😉 …yet still, as any other room in my house, the kitchen needs to be an inspiring space as well. The good thing about my kitchen is actually that it shares the same room with the dining and the living area, so whatever I put on display in the kitchen is easily seen in the other two function areas as well – 3 in 1 at its best!

First inspiration:

The Grandma (mormor in Danish) series from Norman Copenhagen, available at DesignDelicatessen and many other places as well.

Second inspiration:

The milk jug, egg holder, crushed cups, tank and other amazing everyday objects ‘memorized’ in porcelain by Italian Seletti.

Third inspiration:

The GOLDENAGE VASE designed by Meirav Barzilay, is a ceramic vase inspired by the loss of skin elasticity in old age. The form of the vases resembles sagging skin in old age, they are decorated by two different prints, which complement each other.

Fourth inspiration:

The rock-and-roll “Faith and hope” cups from Menu are available in numerous places. I won’t mention them all here but DanskDesignNu is definitely worth visiting.