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I have a confession to make…I’m not really fond of cooking. I mean I love celebrating food. Those who know me well, know also that I really enjoy friend and family gatherings that include eating
…but who has time (even though I truly believe we should all find time for that!) to celebrate long meals that often require timely preparations?
The lack of proper kitchen appliances is often the reason why we simply go for the ‘easy’ solutions during busy weekdays.
Maybe it’s time to update our kitchen equipment, just as we keep our tv-sets, computers, mobile phones MP3-players up to date?
If the guaranteed outcome is that I actually feel like cooking every day and thus celebrating life through good food – I’d definitely say YES! 😉
…good-bye my 3-year-old stove and oven and very warm welcome to the uncomplicated and flexible cooking with Siemens.
Siemens discControl
I love the idea of controlling my stove with the same smooth finger tip movements as if it was my iPod. The hobs are also removable, so that you can prevent your child from getting hurt… not to mention the much easier cleaning, which certainly makes cooking more appealing.
Siemens flexInduction – besides, your pots and pans can be placed basically anywhere on the induction zone. The stove takes automatically account of the number and size of the pans.
Bon appetit! 😉