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Each of the below interiors is in its special way unique, unusual or even awkward.

The first one shows a coffee table with a display window presenting the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

An outdoor space with a chair made from metal Shell barrels.

The headrest made from the wing of a smaller aeroplane.

…I guess the following one does not require any comments at all 😉

This monstrous door is a copy of the door in the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow. They’re made of wood and only covered with metal.

Walls in this room are covered with black blackboard painting. The table is again made from the wing of an aeroplane from the 2nd World War. The chair belonged once to a military dentist.

The owner of the last interior has a peculiar interest in ‘political’ art.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this short tour through art-gallery-like interiors and objects… 🙂