What really matters

My dear Friend and blog follower!

I figured that climbing the ‘lonely mountain’ Kilimanjaro in Africa, which I’ll be doing starting on February, the 13th, should serve some higher purpose than just reaching the summit itself. I have a strong wish that my efforts and struggles can help those in need; poor, ill, malnourished, forsaken and lonely like the mountain itself.

Kilimanjaro (5895m) is the first summit I will be climbing to raise funds for the Sarswati Peace School Project in Nepal. It’s also the first ‘real’ mountain I will be climbing in my life. I have a vague idea about what really to expect out there. Fascinated (those of you who know me well know also how restless and invigorated I do get 🙂 )…and scared at the same time.

Sarwati Peace School building project in progress…

But climbing for a higher purpose, that the mountain itself, gives it all a totally new perspective. You are all invited to join me on the ‘route’. I hope you’ll choose to do so by supporting the School Project (please follow the link to Donate). You can pay up front or after I’ve conquered the mountain. All donations, which I’ll greatly value and appreciate, will go directly to Nepal.

With thanks and hope,

Ewelina Reszke

p.s. Inspired by another mountaineer’s efforts and stunning achievements related both to her charity work as well as to going far beyond a normal person’s physical and mental endurance, I aim to follow the trails that she left on all seven World Summits.

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