Ewelinas blog got a new domain

Posted: 30. August 2011 in Design

Dear friends and regular as well as occasional followers of Ewelinas blog,

I’m so thrilled to inform you that from now on I’ll be writing to you from a new domain: ewelinasblog. The look and feel is completely the same…after all my blog is still hosted at wordpress.com.

Here’s how the http address looks like when typed in the address field… I guess you can really tell I’m all so excited about the change 🙂

Unfortunately, I was not able to transfer the subscriptions – so all of you guys, who were subscribed to my blog on the old domain (the one that you are visiting right now) please re-enter your subscription on ewelinasblog

You’ll find the subscription field on the very top of the left-hand-side menu:

I do hope you’ll choose to continue following me in my new www home. I’m surely looking forward to seeing you there.

  1. Heidi says:

    done 🙂 Glæder mig til at følge dig videre!!

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