Posted: 28. August 2011 in Design
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I really hoped to post this article a little sooner but a really busy week at work and now the cold that’s held me down in my bed since Friday afternoon hasn’t really given me room for creative thinking ;o)

I’m still in my bed, with a bad cough. I sound as a young teenage boy who’s just undergoing voice change… but I definitely feel well enough to get ready for the next weekend’s design exhibition: Code11 in Copenhagen.

I wonder which stands and companies you’d add to your ‘my programme’ for the expo.

As a person finding delight in practical and functional solutions I’ll certainly pay close attention to ‘Small rooms‘ stand. Their mirror and ironing board in one is just ingenious. Good and and really practical design of two- or three-in-one’s will always be warm welcomed by me.

Need to refresh your memory about Code10? Read her and her.

See you in Bella Center next weekend (I’ll probably be there on early afternoon on Sunday).

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