Minimalist Kitchens with Edge

Posted: 7. August 2011 in Design

It’s always great with a helping hand now and then. Finding inspirational stuff to share on my blog has never been an issue for me. On the contrary, there’s so much inspiration surrounding me all the time that my archive is growing every day…and I only have bad remorses over not being able to show you all the new, intriguing or simply beautiful things. That is why I’m really pleased to have other writers as guest bloggers her on Ewelinas blog. Please say hello to Jennifer that I pass my word to right now:

Hi all! I’m Jennifer and I write for Arcadian Home Decor. I’ve been writing about home decor since graduating university and loved it ever since. I’m addicted to patterned fabrics, Jonathan Adler, chaise lounges, old doors, milk glass jars, antiques, and more.

Home decor is simple when creating minimalist kitchens with edge – all it takes is an uncluttered space and one main focal point. Minimalism is when rooms are stripped down to their most basic forms, and in a kitchen that translates to streamlined countertops and cabinetry with very little home accessories.

Family-Friendly Function

Minimalist Kitchens

Iroonie (via)

The wall art in this family-friendly minimalist kitchen involves nothing more than a few cooking utensils. The colourful area rug adds some pizzazz to the monochromatic palette.

Cherry Chic

Minimalist Kitchens


Minimalist doesn’t mean it lacks visual appeal – the cherry-red lacquered cabinets, white shelving and slate grey floors all mesh together beautifully.

Resto Ready

Minimalist Kitchens

The Everyday Minimalist (via)

Minimalist kitchens with edge often mimic their contemporary commercial counterparts – this grey and white space, reminiscent of a trendy cafe, features modern furniture in the form of high-back stools.

Simple Nature

Minimalist Kitchens

NewHouseOfArt (via)

A minimalist kitchen is all the more soothing and inviting when decked out in organic hues like this white, chocolate brown and beige room, with only subtle touches of table decor.

Marvellous Mustard

Minimalist Kitchens

Home Design Inspiration (via)

Minimalist kitchens outfitted in foodie colours are always a hit, such as this mustard yellow space – and who wouldn’t love the quirky lettering wall decor?

White House

Minimalist Kitchens

Batam Housing (via)

Nothing is more minimalist than stark white – the only drops of colour are a shelf filled with cookbooks and a single yellow table lamp, giving it that much needed flavour.


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