No-bullshit music control system!!!

Posted: 5. August 2011 in Design
Now, this is what I call fun!

I’d been in search of a good looking and above all, a good sounding music system for some time….

Then one day I got an offer of testing a wireless, all-in-one music solution that I got intrigued by and simply couldn’t say no to. That’s how, for the last 3 months, my apartment has been housing a Sonos S5 music system that I’d like to tell you a little bit more about.

The quality of sound has most probably been the biggest surprise to me. It’s really crystal clear and deep. You can easily go crazy with the volume without compromising on quality.

…but let’s start from the very beginning.

In arrives a large box with the two Sonos S5 units, the ZoneBridge and an older model of iPod touch. My boyfriend helps to quickly unpack the contents and proceeds with the set-up. Here’s what he said about the Sonos experience:

  • Unbelievably easy to set up….at one push of a button
  • Easy and intuitive world class menu system
  • A new world of musical experiences with internet radio
  • We even found a Wine radio!!!! 🙂

The setup that I have been testing at home consists of one Sonos S5 Black and Sonos S5 White loudspeakers, plus a ZoneBridge 100 and iPod touch (as the remote control).

As you can see on the pictures the combination proved to be perfect. Both loudspeakers simply ‘disappear’; melt in with the surroundings, which is just what I’ve been looking for. Now that I’ve mentioned the mere look of a Sonos unit – it’s time for the feel. The feel is really all about soft, round edges and a beautiful finish. The speakers have a handle so that they can easily be transported; so ‘check’ for being handy as well.

Besides the look I’ve truly enjoyed using the controller application installed on the iPod that I had to remember to place in a visible place though. I had a similar application installed on my computer. I haven’t used it though. We’ve controlled the Sonos system from an iPhone and recently also from an iPad as well. All set-ups worked just perfectly.

On the minus side:

  • If moved (unplugged from the power socket) the unit needs rebooting which takes some time. The ‘bathroom’ unit needed sometimes to be unplugged when I needed an extra power socket (for hair dryer or flat iron)… that is until I bought a plug-in branch with two power sockets.
  • A quick on/off button misses on the loudspeaker unit. Being dependable on the controller is quite a minus, if you ask me.

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