An interesting cabinet and a summer sideboard

Posted: 15. July 2011 in Design

Today’s inspiration is two totally differently looking pieces of furniture – both with a similar function though…and both are most welcome to move into my place 🙂

The first one is quite a heavy looking cabinet by a Norwegian designer, Kaia Helene Lien Lisveen. As she describes the product herself, PEEKABOO can hide your mess. The unconventional non-rectangular drawers are characterised not only by their round shape but also by the fact that they’re being opened outwards. The only thing you need to do is to push them sideways.

The other piece of furniture is an explosion of summer colours – yellow and light green. The fact that it is inspired by the ISO international paper standard (Series A – A2, A3, A2, etc.) gives it a twist and makes it only more appealing. Not surprisingly the cabinet’s name is ISO System 216. The designer behind it is Simon Moorhouse from Invisible City. ISO System 216 will soon become a part of a whole furniture series.

For other stories on cool cabinets and sideboards take a look here, here and here 🙂


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