Which Mediolan news inspired me most

Posted: 18. June 2011 in Design

I couldn’t be there myself but I’m sure I will one day. The Milano Design Fair is placed high on my to-do list, indeed!

Before that happens though let me share with you which design items from Milan 2011 inspired my most.

Well, first of all the Driade sitting unit, designed by …I actually don’t know who designed it. Do you have any idea? Som sources claim it’s a duet of French Philippe Starck and Spanish Eugeni Quittle.

Here’s another Driade thing. An intriguing mask chair. Cool for a big living room area or a hotel lounge.

A new exciting version of the Zettel lamp from Ingo Maurer.

Another Maurer lamp called “Johnny B. Butterfly”. Isn’t it cool?

An inspiration from “Tron: Legacy” – a jacuzzi by Marco Piva.

Why use lamps to light a room when you can use…well, a chair. Leave the lighting job to “Alice” while you, yourself, can just take a rest. Alice was designed by Icopo Foggini.

…and if you’re really tired you can always lay down in Capo D’Opera’s bed:


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