Oooh summer, summer!!!

Posted: 17. June 2011 in Design

Aaah what a view! Palms, slowly blowing their long leaves in the winds from the Atlantic Ocean, haevenly blue sky, cosy white and yellow houses with red roofs protecting what’s inside…such idyllic atmospere in the laid-back Calcavelos (just outside of Lisbon, Portugal) made me blog about a very summerish place in France which is extremely simple and eclectic in its expression, yet warm and inviting.

Take a look for yourself…

You won’t probably believe it but this house is an old oil mill from 19th century that’s been recently face-lifted to a fantastic summer house.

Just before leaving for a walk to the beach…well, after all I’m posting from a place that is at least as picteresque as this house in France… 🙂 …let’s have a final look. Let’s see the kitchen her:


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