I want to live like this

Posted: 6. June 2011 in Design

I know pretty well that my name’s not Donna Karan… well, I’m actually pretty well satisfied with my own name + this is not a blog about name giving 😉

It’s all because I’d really like to be Donna for one day and get a chance to get a closer look at all those beautiful items her Manhattan appartment is decorated with. Don’t you also get this stunning impression that entering her home you actually open the door to an oasis of piece and relaxation? It’s fabulous with capital ‘F’! …that’s for sure.

I love the way the colour palette is held at absolute minimum. Just a basic few colours used in a couple of different tones. That’s perfection!

There’s so much space no matter where you turn and yet Donna’s home feels so cosy, inviting and comfortable.

  1. Heidi says:

    Enig – den er virkelig flot. Og som du skriver så udstråler den hygge og varme til trods for at det jo nok er en kæmpestor lejlighed med højt til loftet – rigtig godt lavet. Tak for dejlig inspiration, Ewelina (jeg synes i øvrigt også at Ewelina er meget flottere end Donna 😉 ) Knus; Heidi

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