When Diesel and Foscarini got an idea

Posted: 1. June 2011 in Design
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Cooperations are good and creative cooperations between fashion designers and manufacturers from the design world are a common phenomenon after all.

The result of this particular joint-venture is a series of lamps. They’re rough and masculine like the Diesel brand itself; yet light and as usual intriguing like most Foscarini lamps are.

Please welcome the ‘Perf‘:

That’s how Foscarini’s founder, Carlo Urbinati, describes the lamp and the cooperation: “We’re looking for a younger and different market,” Mr. Urbinati said. “We didn’t want to overlap the Foscarini collection.” With the hip angles and Perf’s holed shade design, Diesel’s designs did a great job of creating a bold new following.

100% of perforated metal forming in a beautiful body…

There’s just so much inspirational stuff that I want to share with you guys right now 🙂

Tomorrow, I’ll be posting more about one of the 2 brand names that I’ve written about today. Be good by then! 😉


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