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A brand new acquintance in the blog world – an Egyptian photographer, Nour El Refai – and look at what fine goodies I’ve been allowed to repost here on Ewelinas blog.

The fascinating photo session for Style Design was shot just outside of Cairo, at Designopolis (I definitely love the oriental expression of this name).

Designopolis is, as you probably imagine, a design Mekka, where you’ll find a whole alphabet of brand names. Anything from the Danish BoConcept, through Hulsta, Kartell to Natuzzi and Ralph Lauren.

Here come my favourite pictures from Nour’s session:

Style Design itself features such fascinating brands as my favourite Rosenthal (I absolutely adore their Versace china collection), LucePlan or Vitra; to mention only a few of them. What not to love? 😉

Click here to find a short behind-the-scene movie from the photo shoot.

The Nour El Refai blog is also a diary of a photographer’s life. An exciting story told …not very surprisingly 🙂 …mostly in pictures.

{Source: Nour El Refai blog}

Would you believe it? …that even materials such as recycled traffic signs, champagne corks and steel hardware can be recycled and reused?

Well, Boris Bally the creator of, what I choose to call, “sign chairs” believed in the idea and gave a second life to something that could have been long forgotten.

I’d definitely use the armchair as a statement lounge chair for the hall or mix any of the sign chairs with the existing ones at the dining table for an edgy look and attitude 😉

Wake up and live

Posted: 25. June 2011 in Design
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…is what I think looking at these juicy vibrant colours…

This house in Torres Vedras, Portugal, should definitely be on the top 10 list of Things To See In Portugal!!! The architect and  designer Pedro Gadanho, writes also his own blog where you’ll find a lot of interesting material on design and architecture.

The dining-room above features a fascinating lamp. I wonder who designed it…

{Source: design milk}

For book lovers

Posted: 24. June 2011 in Design
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Is reading a good book something that’s been on your mind since Monday morning and you’re counting minutes till another weekend finally begins so that you can indulge yourself in your favourite story?

Well, I can assure you that you’re not the only one out there. There are people who love books so much that they cannot imagine decorating their homes without them.

Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂

…and that inspired me to post about this fantastically stylish and simple series of furniture:

It’s called Cabaninha and comes from a Portuguese design company, Murmur. I really like the small details such as the slightly confusing distribution of the cradle’s legs.

I’m definitely going to show it to my friend even though the baby boy’s parents have already decorated and furnished the baby’s room…;)

I want to have this horse!

Posted: 20. June 2011 in Design
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On the edge of kitsch and art; style and coincidence…that’s where you sometimes find my interior design taste. I don’t really try to follow any certain style. I don’t even think I actually exercise any thorough analysis of which style the things that I lay my eyes on represent. I either like them or not.

The horse lamp from Mooi is a perfect example of style confusion that only makes my hobby more interesting 🙂

Floors in Andy Warhol’s spirit

Posted: 19. June 2011 in Design

Have you ever been fascinated by the works of Andy Warhol…fascinated or at least intrigued and prompted to discover more of his world?

Well, since you’re not the only in the world 14 Ora Italiana, an Italian floor manufacturer decided to surprise Warhol’s fans with a fascinating wooden floor collection – UonUon, available in the exact colours used by Andy.

On 14 Ora Italiana‘s webside you will also find a special colour configurator to create an UonUon of your dream.  Nice…really nice!!! 🙂

I couldn’t be there myself but I’m sure I will one day. The Milano Design Fair is placed high on my to-do list, indeed!

Before that happens though let me share with you which design items from Milan 2011 inspired my most.

Well, first of all the Driade sitting unit, designed by …I actually don’t know who designed it. Do you have any idea? Som sources claim it’s a duet of French Philippe Starck and Spanish Eugeni Quittle.

Here’s another Driade thing. An intriguing mask chair. Cool for a big living room area or a hotel lounge.

A new exciting version of the Zettel lamp from Ingo Maurer.

Another Maurer lamp called “Johnny B. Butterfly”. Isn’t it cool?

An inspiration from “Tron: Legacy” – a jacuzzi by Marco Piva.

Why use lamps to light a room when you can use…well, a chair. Leave the lighting job to “Alice” while you, yourself, can just take a rest. Alice was designed by Icopo Foggini.

…and if you’re really tired you can always lay down in Capo D’Opera’s bed:

Oooh summer, summer!!!

Posted: 17. June 2011 in Design

Aaah what a view! Palms, slowly blowing their long leaves in the winds from the Atlantic Ocean, haevenly blue sky, cosy white and yellow houses with red roofs protecting what’s inside…such idyllic atmospere in the laid-back Calcavelos (just outside of Lisbon, Portugal) made me blog about a very summerish place in France which is extremely simple and eclectic in its expression, yet warm and inviting.

Take a look for yourself…

You won’t probably believe it but this house is an old oil mill from 19th century that’s been recently face-lifted to a fantastic summer house.

Just before leaving for a walk to the beach…well, after all I’m posting from a place that is at least as picteresque as this house in France… 🙂 …let’s have a final look. Let’s see the kitchen her:

Ivy’s main characteristic – the stackability. Thomas Bernstrand from the Bernstrand design studio is  behind this shelving system project made of pine-wood  or white or black ash.

Click through all the pictures in the gallery to discover the true nature of Ivy and the numerous way it can be stacked.