Can so little be enough?

Posted: 27. May 2011 in Design

When I first so this appartment in an article entitled…well, very simply…”39m2″ I was sure it was a spelling mistake where the digit “1” was clearly missing.

But then I took a closer look on this sleeping corner….

…the tiny little bathroom…

…only to realise that it in fact was a tiny bity appartment; well thought through however, with space saving details and a huge (taking the circumstances into consideration) living area. Bravo!!!

As the rest of the appartment, also the balcony is quite minimalistic in size.

I hope the drawing below can help you imagine how small space we are really dealing with here.

  1. Heidi says:

    ja, den leiligheden er et rigtig godt eksempel på at det ikke nødvendigvis er pladsen det kommer an på. Tænker man sig om og gør de rigtige materiale og møbelvalg, så er det utroligt hvad man kan få til. Men… det hjælper jo nok også at fotografen har en god vidvinkel-linse 🙂 Men smukt, smukt og genialt 🙂 God weekend til dig, kære Ewelina! Knus; Heidi

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