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Corners of a very special home

Posted: 27. May 2011 in Design

I’ve been following decor8 for some time. Holly Becker is an extremely talented photographer, blogger and now also author of aΒ  best-selling book. It’s not very often that we’re given a chance to get a glimpse of the home and working atelier of the really successful personalities in the tough interior design business. So hurry up to visit Holly’s site to see the most inspiring corners of her home.

…here’s just a teaser of what you can expect to find there:

Corners of my home

Corners of my home

Corners of my home

{Source: decor8}

Can so little be enough?

Posted: 27. May 2011 in Design

When I first so this appartment in an article entitled…well, very simply…”39m2″ I was sure it was a spelling mistake where the digit “1” was clearly missing.

But then I took a closer look on this sleeping corner….

…the tiny little bathroom…

…only to realise that it in fact was a tiny bity appartment; well thought through however, with space saving details and a huge (taking the circumstances into consideration) living area. Bravo!!!

As the rest of the appartment, also the balcony is quite minimalistic in size.

I hope the drawing below can help you imagine how small space we are really dealing with here.

Organic lamps

Posted: 25. May 2011 in Design

I still feel very attracted to nature inspired design. Sometimes the connection between the product and nature is very obvious and direct. On other occasions, it’s more of matter of an artistic metaphor.

Don’t you think that Johannes Tjernberg and Rasmus Malbert’s a Piece of Forest lighting installation belongs to that more abstract category? A Piece of Forest is actually a metaphor of life – you can start with one single pod; yet this pod has the ability to assemble into groups and grow. Each pod features one LED-module that softly shines on neighbouring pods that in result create a glowing surface, coloured by the different coloured pods.

How to say much with only a couple of words? Branching Bubbles by Lindsey Adelman is a very literal name for what her lamp really stands for. As a Piece of Forest it would grow and spread light, and you will be the designer behind this phenomena.

Home news from H&M

Posted: 24. May 2011 in Design
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I must admit, it’s been some days since I last spent an evening surfing the net and looking for decor related inspiration. I’ve missed it! …and I promise not to betray one of my greatest hobbies ever again πŸ˜‰

…and here’s what I’ve found worth sharing with my faithful readers – latest Home collection from H&M (Hennes&d Mauritz). It’s full of interesting prints in best classical hotel style of one of the past centuries. Cushions, bathroom towels and shower curtains – all so mysterious and intriguing.

Here’s also a teaser from H&M’s ….colour blocking picnic collection


With this slogan you can only expect something that’s bound toΒ  break the well-known limits, to leave the comfort zone and make you think out of the box. Italian Seletti with their Trip Furniture collection definitely meets high expectations behind their own slogan.

Check out the rest of the TRIP collection. It’s really cool!

The future is here

Posted: 12. May 2011 in Design

I can’t really explain why I always get fascinated by simple, modern or even futuristic interiors. I guess it’s partly a consequence of the fact that such interiors require a high level of discipline as it comes to order and tidiness. And with my analytical and geometrical way of thinking simplicity and order means harmony which directly results in lots of creativity and comfort up in my head πŸ™‚

Does it make any sense to you?

As it comes to this home I love the modern, 5-star-hotel feeling about every single room; the choice of high quality materials and certainly the colours – few but highly expressive!

Hello guys! This time I’m posting for you from London where I’m visiting a friend and planning new mountaineering adventures.

All day yesterday was spent walking down town for hours and hours…A two hour brake was spent on great theatrical entertainment – the thrilling Chicago musical! With all the colour and sound inputs I really needed to lay my eyes on something more serene and quiet. A gorgeous mountain house with lots of warmth and homeliness has just a perfect stress-out effect on me. Does it also on you?

All relaxed and full of new energy I’m going for a 6,2km run along the following route:

Your laptop goes eco

Posted: 4. May 2011 in Design

Do you spend hours in front of your laptop screen sitting in a sofa or armchair? … in a highly uncomfortable position, hazardous for your back, neck and thighs that get unnaturally warm?

Well, here comes a remedy for so many people’s problems – a wooden laptop stand in a totally ecological style. Sweet Wood Laptop Stand was designed by Moscow-based Dopludo Collective and I raise my thumb for their original idea!

The stand features a shelf where the mouse and keyboard can be hidden. Perfect for people who like their world to look tidied up! πŸ˜‰