Ascetic craziness

Posted: 28. April 2011 in Design

It’s been a great Easter holiday; close to nature, nice people and good food…oh man, I haven’t really waken up from all the laziness…but am definitely glad to be back on my blog. Hope you’ve all had a memorable Easter too and are back now to see whom we’re visiting today…

It’s quite a sterile place with functional forms upgraded to pure craziness. The simplicity and the all-so-blinding white base are however cracked down with strong colourful accents of red and black.

I like the way this apartment varies in hight. It’s almost only the sky that is the limit in the living room, the dining area and the hall; while the bedroom has a much cosier shell.

Have you noticed all the animal print elements? On the picture below you’ll also find that the last step of the impressive staircase is covered with a zebra-like pattern. Cool! 😉

  1. Heidi says:

    Hej Ewelina! Ja, det kan være svært at komme i gang igen efter sådan en dejlig påske… Men dejligt at du er her 🙂 Flot lejlighed! Fint med de røde indslag – gør at den ikke bliver helt “steril”. Og personligt er jeg meget glad for det mørke gulv i soveværelset. Ha’ en god aften! Knus; Heidi

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