The Wow effect in Stockholm

Posted: 15. April 2011 in Design

I must admit I’m not the biggest fan of huge open spaces, especially those that are spread over 2 or 3 regular floors. The reason for that is very simple – it requires a lot of aesthetic discipline not only to decorate the space in a meaningful and coherent manner, but also to maintain the abstract as well as the very tangible, every-day order in a place where walls are scarce.

The effect is certainly breath-taking. No doubt about it! 😉

In such an open space you can actually feel how much air the room is filled with and how invigorating that must be…

Quite simple, yet stylish bedroom where the stairs-leading-to-nowhere are a great way of adding an extra dimension to an oversize room, a dimension that makes the whole space much more harmonious and easier to anticipate for the human eye.

{Source: Digsdigs}


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