Lighting simplicity

Posted: 26. March 2011 in Design

Today, I’d like to share with you 3 great examples of how lighting can be kept simple and functional.

The Creature Lamp by Frank Cresencia is a portable lighting fixture made of wood and powder-coated aluminium. I don’t think the lamp needs more description. …It can actually speak for itself 😉

Another simple design is Daniel Becker‘s Sparks lighting modules. Look at the fascinating effect it creates when grouped and hanging down from the ceiling!

Giorgio Bonaguro‘s Tweety is the 3rd lamp that I’m posting about today. Giorgio, a designer from Milan works in different fields including furniture, industrial, interior, packaging and light design. Tweety is one of his latest creations. It’s ‘just’ an electric bulb hanging from a steel body – as simple as that!

  1. These are really cool lamps! I really like the first one.
    Thank you for your comment my blog btw. I have now added your Hotmail account to my rss feed. Please tell me if it´s not working.
    Kind regards,

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