Feels like at home

Posted: 18. March 2011 in Design
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Today we’re visiting what used to be a factory once. We’re in the heart of Zürich. Stefan Holemann, who’s behind this project, succeeded preserving the industrial spirit of this place and yet turned into a cozy living space. The loft is full of light coming from a total of 39 windows; deemed by the dark decor. Lamps, carpets, wooden furniture and other accessories all add up to a comfy feeling and a mix of retro and pop-art style.

  1. Hi
    this is a great site and i am really glad i found you. Did it take you long to get this site established ? As I am thinking of designing a similar one

    • Hello Shoeshop, thank you for your compliments! I wouldn’t say that the actual set-up took a lot of time. The service that I’m using is the hosted version of wordpress that you can download from wordpress.com. There are different blog-themes that you can choose from. Email me if you have any questions 🙂 Cheers, Ewelina

  2. I have been checking out this website for a while now. It seems as if every time I come back that there is fresh info. Keep up the good job. Thanks

  3. Nice blog here.. did you design it yourself or was it made by a professional company? Really nice choice of colors

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