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Posted: 15. March 2011 in Design
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As I hope you’ve already noticed…I try to present product news that I hand-pick for you guys out there – in pairs or larger groups. I try to find the red thread; something that the chosen products have in common:

– the recent coffee chair presented together with Lisa Bengtsson’s wallpaper

– white leather and plywood beauties


– unordinary animal lamps

I certainly hope you like the way I choose to present what I find interesting.

…So here’s what I’d certainly consider putting together:

1. The Illusion lamp, which is a lamp and table in one. A common 2-in-1 thing 🙂 if you like. Illusion is available through one of Northern Lighting‘s retailers.

2. The Dent coffee table by Oki Sato for Arketipo. A multifunctional geometric structure that features a hollow with a ceramic vase/bowl. The vase can also be used separately. As an integrated part of the table it can easily room remotes, mobile phones and other small items.

  1. Heidi says:

    Flot, Ewelina 🙂 God idé at sætte tingene sammen i en præsentation! Ha’ en dejlig dag! Knus; Heidi

  2. Hi
    very nice items dispylayed in your website . good info.

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