Shattered reality

Posted: 8. March 2011 in Design
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Neo-cubist, 3D tea set by Umbra is a different way of treating bone china. Sharp square patterns and edges are executed in the finest material – an interesting combination that certainly shatters the traditional way of working with porcelain.
According to Umbra:
“The concept of Shatter is to take a familiar object, break it down and re-form it – to create something radical, surprising and delightful. Shatter is about destroying the familiar, fracturing and shaking things up, but it’s fun. It’s all about celebrating life! Soon there will be Shatter everything from houses to trashcans to toasters!” says the designer William Harvey.
  1. Heidi says:

    Hej Ewelina! Flotte indlæg (har ikke været her inde på et par dage, kan jeg se…) De to sidste indlæg kunne jo evt. også blive et fint gæsteindlæg på DIB (“spotted by Ewelina” eller sådant noget) 🙂 Hvad siger du til det? Knus; Heidi

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