Rustic and modern

Posted: 13. February 2011 in Design
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Did you really think I would leave for Africa without sharing some inspirational posts here on the blog??? Well, then you were wrong! 😉 …you can still wish me a really good journey though!

Anyway, what you see below is hand picked shots of a Dutch home of architect Arjen Reas. I especially wanted to share with you the rustic and yet modern elements of his work…

  1. Julie says:

    Have a wonderful, wonderful time – Tanzania is magical, it’s where we went on honeymoon. You are going for such a good cause.

    • Thank you Julie! 🙂 I’ve just returned today. Tanzania is in fact a magical place with smiling and warm people. The top of Kili was reached successfully! 🙂 Ewelina

  2. vanimator says:

    Wonderful, amazing, brilliant… what more is left to express after seeing these photographs…
    Thanks for the share.


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