What more do you need?

Posted: 11. February 2011 in Design
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Look what I found in my scrapbook today! A tiny apartment that has it all.

40m2 do not seem to constitute a large space… my own is appr. 80m2 and I wonder every day why it is so difficult to agree with myself that it IS enough 🙂 …do you know this feeling?

So 40m2 is definitely very little and that’s exactly why all functional areas must be designed to perfection. Here are my personal hints for a small space like this:

  • Limit yourself to the necessary functionalities (no, you don’t need a reading corner if there are no corners left)
  • Open your space so that it looks bigger (bathroom could be the only enclosed area…if you dare)
  • Focus on clever storage solutions (you don’t want your clutter to be visible)
  • Limit the colour palette to minimum; yet think of adding colour splashes to make it more dynamic and interesting

With a living-room, kitchen, bedroom, hall and bathroom – what more could you need? 😉

  1. Heidi says:

    Hvor er den flot – er vild med de røde detaljer! God weekend, Ewelina! Knus; Heidi

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