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A loft in Manhattan

Posted: 28. February 2011 in Design
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Found this great inspiration on Elle Decor today. An exceptionally well-balanced colourful decor, with a number of art-deco reminiscences. The loft belongs to fabric designer – Kazumi Yoshida.

Striped shelf

Posted: 25. February 2011 in Design, Wish list

Many layers of plywood and the right choice of the inner colour later and the Strip has been born from the hands of an Irish designer – Martin Gallagher.

…Strip is yet another great idea for a space saving shelving and storage system for a hall or living room. Keys, glasses, mobile phones or even larger items like wallets or small purses can easily be stored here.

Do you like it bright and light?

Posted: 24. February 2011 in Design
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Days become longer…ok,  I agree, just a little bit longer 😉 but still I do feel the small tiny drops of energy somebody adds to my tea every day. Or maybe it’ all seems so nice and relaxed because I’ve been to one of my favourite group training programmes today: BodyFlow at fitnessdk? In any case I feel like opening windows and letting the fresh air and light come inside…

It makes me also share with you these stunning pictures of light and airy interiors of an apartment in the heart of Barcelona. Its charm will keep your spirit uplifted!

A sweet little thing

Posted: 24. February 2011 in Design
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…that will help you keep track of your keys. Cloud by Duncan Shotton is simple and practical.

Have you noticed that hanging keys imitate rain falling from the cloud? 😉 A really cute little thing that can hold up to 220 grams of weight.

High heel table

Posted: 20. February 2011 in Design

No wonder this table is called Stiletto!!! I mean; honestly…have you ever seen something similar? 🙂

Splinter Works is behind this work – inspired by elegant curves of a lady high-heel shoe.

Splinter is sexy and girly, yet so tasteful!

…the high-heel-table even features the characteristic Christian Louboutin red shoe-sole. What not to love?

What a fantastic and elegant; classic and still so contemporary…timeless. I love the way these furniture pieces match even though they come from three totally different designers.

The magazine holder that can also serve as a side table …and a bench (Yes! It is that strong!) is made of cardboard, aluminium and wood. A design piece of Oneto/Sousa Arquitectura Interior from Peru.

The cool dressing table is a fine combination of black walnut wood and stainless steel. It features storage compartments of just the right size and shape; just perfect for your make-up cosmetics and accessories as well as jewellery. This beauty is designed by Olgoj Chorchoj studio for Process.

The last charming piece of craftsmanship-when-it’s-best is this is this curved lounge chair. It’s actually a ‘master thesis’ of a design student of the University of Cincinnati. Bent plywood, White Oak veneer, and white leather is what this chair is made of.

Rustic and modern

Posted: 13. February 2011 in Design
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Did you really think I would leave for Africa without sharing some inspirational posts here on the blog??? Well, then you were wrong! 😉 …you can still wish me a really good journey though!

Anyway, what you see below is hand picked shots of a Dutch home of architect Arjen Reas. I especially wanted to share with you the rustic and yet modern elements of his work…

What more do you need?

Posted: 11. February 2011 in Design
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Look what I found in my scrapbook today! A tiny apartment that has it all.

40m2 do not seem to constitute a large space… my own is appr. 80m2 and I wonder every day why it is so difficult to agree with myself that it IS enough 🙂 …do you know this feeling?

So 40m2 is definitely very little and that’s exactly why all functional areas must be designed to perfection. Here are my personal hints for a small space like this:

  • Limit yourself to the necessary functionalities (no, you don’t need a reading corner if there are no corners left)
  • Open your space so that it looks bigger (bathroom could be the only enclosed area…if you dare)
  • Focus on clever storage solutions (you don’t want your clutter to be visible)
  • Limit the colour palette to minimum; yet think of adding colour splashes to make it more dynamic and interesting

With a living-room, kitchen, bedroom, hall and bathroom – what more could you need? 😉

What really matters…

Posted: 7. February 2011 in Design

My dear Friend and blog follower!

I figured that climbing the ‘lonely mountain’ Kilimanjaro in Africa, which I’ll be doing starting on February, the 13th, should serve some higher purpose than just reaching the summit itself. I have a strong wish that my efforts and struggles can help those in need; poor, ill, malnourished, forsaken and lonely like the mountain itself.

Kilimanjaro (5895m) is the first summit I will be climbing to raise funds for the Sarswati Peace School Project in Nepal. It’s also the first ‘real’ mountain I will be climbing in my life. I have a vague idea about what really to expect out there. Fascinated (those of you who know me well know also how restless and invigorated I do get  🙂 )…and scared at the same time.

Sarwati Peace School building project in progress…

But climbing for a higher purpose, that the mountain itself, gives it all a totally new perspective. You are all invited to join me on the ‘route’. I hope you’ll choose to do so by supporting the School Project (please follow the link to Donate). You can pay up front or after I’ve conquered the mountain. All donations, which I’ll greatly value and appreciate, will go directly to Nepal.

With thanks and hope,

Ewelina Reszke

p.s. Inspired by another mountaineer’s efforts and stunning achievements related both to her charity work as well as to going far beyond a normal person’s physical and mental endurance, I aim to follow the trails that she left on all seven World Summits.

I’ll keep you updated about my challenging trip as well as the status on the Sarswati project on my new What really matters page.

After a madly busy week I finally have a minute to come by and share a little bit of nature-inspired lighting solutions with you, guys. Let’s have a look at the horse lamp from Mooi. The first time I saw it was in a shop in the heart of Cophenhagen. It was love at first sight…but I’ll let Mooi do the rest of presentation:

“The Horse lamp by Front is faithful to the true dimensions of the animal bringing a touch of nature in fairytale style and genuine madness. By rejecting abstraction and taking inspiration from a living creature it delivers a powerful emotive content that never fails to elicit a strong response from onlookers. Who wouldn’t want a horse lamp to light up their home? Furniture to fall in love with at first sight or hate forever.”

Mooi makes also the fabulous rabbit lamp. My-pet-lamp from Offi is in a totally different style and targets a totally different audience. ..but isn’t it just cute? 🙂

When I first saw the duck lamp by Sebastian Errazuriz I actually thought it was a design joke. A nothing-special-upper-part-of-the-lamp attached to the lower body of a duck…I mean, it must be a joke…and yet, there seem to be no jokes in the product design world. Finally, finally the origami collection of animal lamps from Si Studio.