Personalize your space…with a branch lamp

Posted: 21. January 2011 in Design
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In the beginning of a new year certain artistic fields (fashion, design, decoration, etc.) spend time predicting what this new year will bring in terms of trends, often translated to specific products. I’ve done my part mentioning the three trends I find very appealing and very ME. The flashy colours trend (later today I’ll post about a home that already follows that trend), the geometric patterns trend and finally the DIY/quality craftmanship trend.

decor8, as some of you have already noticed, is one of my inspirational sources that I often return to. This time founder and editor, Holly Becker, invited Anna-Malin Lindgren for a talk about a lamp…not an ordinary lamp though. A hand-made lamp – a simple branch-and-electric-bulbs lamp.

All pictures are decor8's property.
  1. Heidi says:

    Anna-Malin er absolut en af mine favoritbloggere, og det er bare super at Decor8 nu har inviteret hende indenfor. Jeg ved dog ikke helt om jeg ville have en sådan lampe hængende, men idéen er god. Flot indlæg, Ewelina! Sender dig også en mail… Knus; Heidi

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