Which 2011 interior design trend will you follow? – part 2

Posted: 5. January 2011 in Design
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The antithesis of all things cosy, familiar and vintage, and all about a cleaner, slicker aesthetic and a fresh start following the recession and looking into a brand new decade.

Watch out for zig-zags, chevrons, clean stripes and grids as design motifs and inspiration for repeat prints. Watch out for 1970s style prints popping up. For all you lovers of cosiness and familiarity out there, the vintage style is still in play by the way- thanks to the recession, nostalgia still sells! It’s getting a facelift though to make it still look fresh… 😉

Find the above products at Aphrochicshop.

  1. Heidi says:

    Hej Ewelina, flotte indlæg du laver om trends. Jeg har lidt problemer med at sende mails lige for tiden, så jeg tager det her: – tak for dit fine indlæg, det kommer på fredag. Ang. de andre indlæg så har jeg ikke nået at kikke så meget på det endnu, men det tager vi bare senere. Sender også en mail ud til alle DIB bloggere så snart jeg er på mail igen… Knus; Heidi

  2. LiveLikeYou says:

    Love her shop. Those wallpapers are super cool! Gott Nytt Ar!

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