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Cocoon shelving system

Posted: 31. January 2011 in Design
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Here’s a story about yet another shelving system that I got fascinated with. Its name is Cocoon. It was designed by Paola Navone for Ideal Form Team. It has catchy curved plywood forms and a number of laminate finishes. I personally find the digital prints most interesting. They can give the right expression to just about any room and style.

Do you intend to follow the nature and sustainability inspired trend this year, yet still try to stick to the contemporary line? Then the French designer, Olivier Dollé, may have the right bookshelf just for you. It’s simple yet stylish; available in two models and in different wood finishes.


I wonder whether you already have a favourite tree bookshelf among those that I’ve posted about before?…Wintertree…and another one from KoreanArtist?

Do you take filter coffee or a strong espresso shot? …white coffee, you say? sure, no problem. I’ll have a café latte 🙂 Take a seat then and enjoy this new article in Bolig Magasinet while I’ll prepare two refreshing beverages for us…

Farmhouse_continued – contemporary part

Posted: 27. January 2011 in Design

Today, we continue our sightseeing tour in Spain. We’re still in the same farmhouse…but visiting the more contemporary part of the building. It’s here you can hide from the heat outside, clean your thoughts while enjoying the simple, straight lines and toned down colours around you.

Farmhouse – rustic part

Posted: 26. January 2011 in Design
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Dreaming of warmer, sunnier days? I am certainly day dreaming all the time 🙂 That’s also why I’ve decided to spoil myself with a virtual trip to Spain. Once, a totally abandoned and ruined farmhouse, changed, in the hands of Eve Martinez, into a dream-come-true country home.

The interiors are a fascinating mix of tradition, rustic elements… as well as a modern yet ascetic style (more on that tomorrow!!!). Pay special attention to wall finishings…

Crochet lamp

Posted: 25. January 2011 in Design
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Crazy with crochets and doilies; especialy the old ones that remind you of times that you spent with your grandma, totally hypnotised by her elegantly moving fingers, creating yet another small piece of art that she’d then decorate her favourite coffee table and the old cabinet with…?

Shannon South, founder of reMade,  must have been such a child, fascinating with her grandma’s handiwork. She’s been “collecting vintage crochet doilies for several months”. The result is stunning. Simple in form but rich in expression – an upcycled crochet lampshade. The shades it casts on the walls can’t be found elsewhere. 

Simply gorgeous!

All four pictures come from 3rings.

Modular bookshelf

Posted: 24. January 2011 in Design
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B-Line is known for its interesting shelving and storage solutions. Fin, Spinny or Zig zag – to mention just a few of them. They’re versatile, can room books, DVDs and CDs.A new member of this noble family is Quby by Stefan Bench – exceptionally modular; in cathy colors. Quby can combined and re-combined, placed on the floor or hung on the wall.


I really like this antique inspired black and white set-up…

Simply AMAZING!!!_part 2

Posted: 23. January 2011 in Design

Today we continue the ‘inspection’ of an amazing Swedish home that I posted about yesterday. This time we’ll take a couple of steps that’ll lead us upstairs.

And just take a look at that view…

Simply AMAZING!!!

Posted: 22. January 2011 in Design

Nobody less but a Swedish interior designer, Marie Olsson Nylander, owns and lives in this amazing interior design pearl. It’s simply packed with truly unique vintage finds. All furniture and decor pieces really stand out on the pure white background.

Sneak in and enjoy…

… tomorrow, we’ll have a look at what the house is hiding upstairs! 😉

Waste wood collection

Posted: 22. January 2011 in Design
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This is what happens when you start looking at your trash in a totally different way. One day Kurt Dexel of Dexel Crafted started sorting through the material left over when a piece of wood is cut. That’s how he made friends with certain triangular pieces that could still serve an honourable purpose, he reckoned.

The whole collection features sharp lines and fascinating angles.