Room separators…again

Posted: 29. December 2010 in Design
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I’ve written about ways to divide surplus space before here.
The possibilities seem to be unending…
Bookshelves. The best type for the job is an open, airy shelving system that can be used from both sides. Cubic, designed by Gino Carollo for Italian Bonaldo is a good example of such a piece of furniture. It’s not too wide and that’s why you can easily use two or three of them next to one another. Cubic can be purchased through Danish Skanbach Furniture.
Another type of the shelving system is a more stationary one that can be set up instead of a solid wall. You can still enjoy what’s going on in the other room and light can easily penetrate both areas. The actual items that you choose to display on the shelves will work as a natural light dimmer.
An even more solid solution is a large T-formed table top made of Corian and a brick chimney pillar, that partially is camouflaged as a three-door cabinet console. This combination makes it possible to have a small studio/PC-area in connection with the kitchen, at the same time adding extra kitchen storage.
Kitchen elements come from ‘Form og køkken‘ , while the endless Corian possibilities can be further investigated at
Sometimes it takes very little to define that fine line that separates two rooms. Here, the Amari shelving system that can also be used as a desk, emphasizes the hall area between the kitchen and the living room. It’s really enough to ‘break the code’ and soften the borders. Amari and the Zarra chair can both be found at BoConcept.
And as the last suggestion let’s have a look at the string-curtains again. This time they’re used in a bathroom. They add a new dimension to an otherwise square room. The ones shown on the picture below can be found at Hay.

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