Vintage pillows

Posted: 5. December 2010 in Design
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I wonder whether there will come a day when I get all tired of the typography-as-decor trend. It’s been popular for quite a while and as long as all you, consumers out there, contribute to the demand remaining on the required level the supply of decor accessories with letters will be unending…and thus will also be my exultation on that development 😉

There is a London-based textile designer who certainly makes her contribution to the trend – sentimental pillows from Barbara Coupe, even though they are all about England and London in particular, are somehow also a perfect match for the Danish ‘hygge’ that we all here in Denmark are celebrating, especially during the long cold winter evenings.

  1. Heidi says:

    Hej Ewelina! Læste dit indlæg i går, men nåede ikke at kommentere – men her kommer det:) Vildt flotte puder – jeg er vild med stilen (men det kommer nok ikke som en chok…). Billederne er også rigtig godt stylet! Knus; Heidi

    • ereszke says:

      Tusind tak Heidi! Det er jo altid skønt at få kommentarer til sit blogarbejde 😉 Stilmæssigt skifter det mellem det ultramoderne og det rå og vintage her på matriklen. Hilsen, Ewelina

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