As simple as it gets

Posted: 1. December 2010 in Design, Wish list
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I just love the way this ultra-modern house combines contemporary simplicity with cosiness. It’s spacious and filled with design icons and finishings of highest quality. At the same time, all the rooms ooze with warmth.
The raw kitchen tabletop with the stools, the huge comfy and relaxed sofa, the rugs and certainly the fireplace are all examples of the red thread that has consequently been introduced in otherwise cold surroundings.
…and the view! Oh gosh, the view is simply breathtaking – I mean it’s outstanding in its simplicity – perfect with all the snow and florae that has been put to sleep.
  1. Heidi says:

    Åhh det er flot! Kan godt lide væggene og træelementerne – giver prikken over i’en og gør at det hele ikke bliver så stilrent! Et fantastisk hjem og super inspiration, Ewelina! Knus; Heidi

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