An Antique Cabinet with a Modern Twist

Posted: 21. November 2010 in Design

Can contrasts really meet and function together?

Is the concept of yin and yang  truly possible?

Well, at least as it comes to design and bringing the ultra modern and the antique together – an old and a minimalist cabinet – result in a harmonious piece of storage furniture. In today’s busy world, I guess, we all need retrospective elements – memories from the past – to make sure we stay in balance.

  1. Heidi says:

    Den er såååå fin – lige mig:) Og tak for din søde kommentar i dag – jeg er heller ikke den store bruger eller fan af væg eller bordkalendere, men de jeg viser kunne alle sammen få en plads i mit hjem, det er helt sikkert! Knus; Heidi

  2. JulieB says:

    Interesting… love this trend for recycling/upcycling/adapting old and new!

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