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I have a confession to make…I’m not really fond of cooking. I mean I love celebrating food. Those who know me well, know also that I really enjoy friend and family gatherings that include eating
…but who has time (even though I truly believe we should all find time for that!) to celebrate long meals that often require timely preparations?
The lack of proper kitchen appliances is often the reason why we simply go for the ‘easy’ solutions during busy weekdays.
Maybe it’s time to update our kitchen equipment, just as we keep our tv-sets, computers, mobile phones MP3-players up to date?
If the guaranteed outcome is that I actually feel like cooking every day and thus celebrating life through good food – I’d definitely say YES! 😉
…good-bye my 3-year-old stove and oven and very warm welcome to the uncomplicated and flexible cooking with Siemens.
Siemens discControl
I love the idea of controlling my stove with the same smooth finger tip movements as if it was my iPod. The hobs are also removable, so that you can prevent your child from getting hurt… not to mention the much easier cleaning, which certainly makes cooking more appealing.
Siemens flexInduction – besides, your pots and pans can be placed basically anywhere on the induction zone. The stove takes automatically account of the number and size of the pans.
Bon appetit! 😉

With all that snow outside my windows I’ve felt like sharing with you this very girly, cosy home I’ve spotted at decor8. I love the way the white colour is ruling all over the  place. Feminine accents in the form of colours, patterns and textures as well as personal items hanging here and there add up to a thought-through interior that many of us out there would like to trade for…. I would certainly 😉

I’m sure my mom would call the following corner of the house for clutter…with all the shoes on display, the necklaces and summer party items hanging on the chair. She would certainly tidy this place up immediately…but mom girls just love things that often have no exact function and as, you’d say, simply gather dust. Don’t we?

Recycling when it’s best!
Franziska Wodicka gives new life to drawers that others have already sent on early retirement. With her custom-made schubLaden furniture, that are an amazing combination of modern varnished or oiled MDF body and vintage drawers, you can give new life to basically any room in your home.

I’ve been recently asked by one of my former colleagues who spotted my previous post on space saving hallways systems, where to find the Vanpey chest. I’ve updated that post with a link to the shop…my colleague’s question inspired me though to post on other interesting minimalist solutions – perfect for small hallways and bathrooms.

Piegato collection consists of a magnetic shelve designed by Matthias Ries. It is a laser-cut and powder-coated sheet of steel with perforations to fold shelves depending on your needs. The other Piegato solution features a chalkboard for small notes and reminders. Both of them can be folded back and closed so they don’t occupy more space than a large wall picture.

Both Piegatos can be purchased here:

Miracle in Mexico

Posted: 22. November 2010 in Design

On a November Monday, when the light is scarce and the cold penetrates every inch of the body and thoughts…I dream of a place like this in Mexico:

An Antique Cabinet with a Modern Twist

Posted: 21. November 2010 in Design

Can contrasts really meet and function together?

Is the concept of yin and yang  truly possible?

Well, at least as it comes to design and bringing the ultra modern and the antique together – an old and a minimalist cabinet – result in a harmonious piece of storage furniture. In today’s busy world, I guess, we all need retrospective elements – memories from the past – to make sure we stay in balance.

I always get fascinated when I spot new wardrobe items from Sonia Rykiel. She surprises with quite a striking choice and combination of colours and fabrics.

This hard-working lady decided to expand the product portfolio of her fashion empire that now includes also a home collection of pillows, towels, bed linen, fabrics and carpets. Indulge yourself with photos of luxurious haute intérieur. 😉

Each of the below interiors is in its special way unique, unusual or even awkward.

The first one shows a coffee table with a display window presenting the assassination of John F. Kennedy.

An outdoor space with a chair made from metal Shell barrels.

The headrest made from the wing of a smaller aeroplane.

…I guess the following one does not require any comments at all 😉

This monstrous door is a copy of the door in the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Moscow. They’re made of wood and only covered with metal.

Walls in this room are covered with black blackboard painting. The table is again made from the wing of an aeroplane from the 2nd World War. The chair belonged once to a military dentist.

The owner of the last interior has a peculiar interest in ‘political’ art.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this short tour through art-gallery-like interiors and objects… 🙂

Every time I visit my friends and family in Warsaw I cannot help but visit the Almi Decor chain of shops. They’re experts at cosy, warm colonial inspired interior design speaking directly to your senses. A walk through the store is like a journey in time and cultures, accompanied by a strong smell of strong freshly brewed coffee, ground vanilla fruit and imported Whiskey ;).

…and at the back end of each Almi Decor store there’s a whole section with vibrant and sensual accessories like pillows, curtains and wallpapers.

Why limit yourself to a smart, space-saving bathtub if you can expand the assortment to also cover a ‘double-decker’ sink? The Italian PlanIT has introduced ‘SPLIT’ – a minimalistic sink with an integrated storage compartment. Pull the red handle and the hidden storage space gets revealed. There’s actually enough room for most bathroom essentials.