Two ideas for a small yet stylish hallway

Posted: 31. October 2010 in Design
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If the space is scarce but you still do not intend to compromise on the functionality and style these two ideas can get you very far. Peter Ulbrich and Oliver Zaiser of Design Friends from Germany are behind the ‘Drop’ coat rack project. Drop is hand made of porcelain. This big askew hanging porcelain body can room jackets and scarves; while the additional slot in the middle enables hanging clothes on hangers.
The ‘Drop’ may not meet all of your functional hallway related needs. You’ll still need some minimalist storage solution. The Vanpey chest is just perfect for all those small items like keys, credit cards or change that we normally carry around in our pockets. Vanpey has a hidden and easy-to-access storage place that can partially be closed with two sliding covers on top of which you can place even more small items.
The Vanpey chest is available her.

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