LEGO bricks

Posted: 25. October 2010 in Design
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Looking for modular storage units that your child will actually think are fun to use? …What could be more modular and encouraging than LEGO products?
These storage boxes can be clicked together and then stacked to create a giant LEGO structure but with the added benefit of storage within. They should certainly encourage kids to clear away their clutter. 😉
LEGO storage boxes are available her.
  1. Heidi says:

    Ja, sjove er de. Vi har madkasserne som er lavet efter samme princip, og de er bare meget irriterende at Ă„bne for smĂ„ bĂžrnehender, sĂ„ jeg hĂ„ber de her kasser er nemmere for ellers er hele idĂ©en jo ikke sĂ„ god alligevel (ok, sĂ„ fĂ„r de jo aldrig legetĂžjet ud, og sĂ„ roder de jo ikke….hmmm…). Men stylingen pĂ„ billederne er rigtig god! Knus; Heidi

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