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If the space is scarce but you still do not intend to compromise on the functionality and style these two ideas can get you very far. Peter Ulbrich and Oliver Zaiser of Design Friends from Germany are behind the ‘Drop’ coat rack project. Drop is hand made of porcelain. This big askew hanging porcelain body can room jackets and scarves; while the additional slot in the middle enables hanging clothes on hangers.
The ‘Drop’ may not meet all of your functional hallway related needs. You’ll still need some minimalist storage solution. The Vanpey chest is just perfect for all those small items like keys, credit cards or change that we normally carry around in our pockets. Vanpey has a hidden and easy-to-access storage place that can partially be closed with two sliding covers on top of which you can place even more small items.
The Vanpey chest is available her.

Cosy, home feeling in a modern interior

Posted: 29. October 2010 in Design
Lígia Casanova’s Atelier is located in one of the most creative areas in Lisbon. It is a perfect blend of fantasy and cosiness in a space where you sense all the atmosphere of a true home…even though it combines a living and working are under one roof.
After a long day at work and spare time activities if feels like a perfect place for recharging my batteries and reconnecting with what matters most 😉
Hope you’ll all have a great weekend!


Posted: 26. October 2010 in Design

Gosh, I’m telling you, I was hungry when I woke up in the late afternoon today after having taken a short power-nap that my body and mind had been craving for for weeks! 😉

That’s why it feels so natural to post this picture today! Bon appetit!

LEGO bricks

Posted: 25. October 2010 in Design
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Looking for modular storage units that your child will actually think are fun to use? …What could be more modular and encouraging than LEGO products?
These storage boxes can be clicked together and then stacked to create a giant LEGO structure but with the added benefit of storage within. They should certainly encourage kids to clear away their clutter. 😉
LEGO storage boxes are available her.

White base

Posted: 22. October 2010 in Design
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I got all thrilled at the sight of the first picture in this photo series on a modern Scandinavian house, designed by Anna Pangs and David Altons. The rest of the pictures and the interiors of this amazing piece of architecture and design are just as eye-catching. White is the main language of expression. It emanates cleanliness, order and innocence. …just take a while to imagine all the stunning views available to you from the inside of the house. 😉

Neutral tones

Posted: 20. October 2010 in Design
This beautiful house, designed by Ligia Casanova in Lisbon, Portugal, is a home to a young family with three teenage kids .
The white-on-white mixed with soft natural colours give a sense of inner peace and true relaxation.

Expressed in concrete

Posted: 19. October 2010 in Design
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This concrete masterpiece is a combination of traditional and contemporary architecture. Truly rustic elements complement the cold and somewhat stiff concrete structure in a harmonious way.

Sliding window panels, also applicable as room separators, are a great way of adding an extra dimension to your interior. Especially larger and regular spaces may need to be divided into smaller functional areas.

Spirit Sliding Panel

Rainforest Sliding Panel

Dragonfly Oyster Sliding Panel

I’ve recently come across this highly inspiring and beautiful loft project – one joined space in a former factory in southern Milan, Italy was divided into two volumes that were structurally identical and internally similar but opposite.

Here comes the result of a Federico Delrosso Architects’ team, whose 2007 Twin Lofts project was shortlisted in the Idfx Awards for “The very best in contemporary residential design 2010,” organized by British Idfx Magazine.

Happy retro

Posted: 14. October 2010 in Design, Wish list
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Do you also get this warm sentimental feeling seeing a nice example of good retro design?

The brand new Evoke Mio radio designed by Orla Kiely simply makes me smile and fills with truly positive energy 🙂

Evoke Mio by Orla Kiely

Evoke Mio by Orla Kiely

Evoke Mio by Orla Kiely

The digital and FM portable radio features the signature stem print that the desinger is known best for and is finished with a chromed handle and walnut cabinet with cream. Hope you like it as well…

Have a lovely day everybody!!! 😉