With music as background

Posted: 18. September 2010 in Design
Take a look at how an IT guy and a music lover at the same time made sure to have a home not only to relax in but also to cultivate his passion.


Black and white supplemented with grey tones – a very classical combination, perfect for a single guy. The flowery curtains and orange pillows slightly soften the uniform colour composition.

…but the first violin in this appartment is played by …well, music itself.

Great details that tell their own story about the owner’s interests.




  1. Heidi says:

    Sejt siger jeg bare… Knus; Heidi

  2. Åpent hus says:

    HI Ewelina
    great blog you have
    I remember you asked a while back how to subscribe for email updates to my blog – sorry I havent answered earlier, but I still havent found an easy way!
    I guess wordpress is better for that

    oh well – I hope you still care to visit Open house sometimes! 🙂

    best wishes
    Open house blog, Norway

    • ereszke says:

      Hello “Åpent hus” 🙂 and many thanks for your flattering compliments. I certainly do care to visit your blog. An automatic subscription makes it just all easier 😉 Have a great day and see you on Aåpen hus!

  3. Harri says:

    Have got any idea where this nice white sofa table is from. Or what is the source of the picture?

    • ereszke says:

      Hello Harri, I’ve tried to trace that picture for you to find out where that white table is from at the source, with no luck however. Sorry I couldn’t help :/

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