Code10 – Copenhagen Design expo continued

Posted: 3. September 2010 in Design
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Unfortunately, the DSLR camera that I used to take some of the pictures with had a corrupted memory card. Thank God, I’d thought of taking two cameras for the event…but I only managed to take 3 pictures with the other one 😉

The first two pieces of furniture I found really charming…while the third one is a photo of the alien lamp that I’ve posted about before, with the Vesica lamp in the background.


And here come other exhibited pieces that made quite an impression on me:

As the very first one, I’d like to present to you the “Damned” lamp by ‘MGX by Materialise’, recalling the classical motif of the fall of the damned, challenging viewers with questions of guilt and morality.

…just take a look at the absolutely fascinating details:


The next one is Lisa Hilland‘s adorable furniture collection:

And finally the Finn Juhl collection from OneCollection – the Pelikan chair and the Wall Sofa

Also from OneCollection comes the colourful and energizing ‘Case’ by Søren Ulrik Petersen:

I hope you like my choice of Code10 snapshots 😉

Have a great weekend!

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