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They’re so cute and sweet you want to eat them…objects from the design gallery Secondome.

The cupcake series comprises 5 mini cake plates and domes in colored hand blown glass. The shapes are inspired by the famous English cakes with colourful sugar topping.

From the same manufacturer comes also the Bulbovetro family of three vases made up of an external element and an internal bulb in colours inspired by nature itself – flowers, water, earth and sky. Bulbovetro can be used as a vase or a lamp.

Shared Base Family collection plays with the contrast between glass volumes, colors and surfaces. Each element is made up of three interchangeable pieces depending on the object’s use. The base, the cylinder-shaped vase and the bowl are enriched with green, ridged and transparent glass.

I’ve just recently added more red and orange accents into my living-room but before I show you the results I’d like to hear your opinions about the red colour in modern interiors in general.

Can it be too much?

Take a look at this spacious house in Madrid designed by Julio Jiménez del Corral of Circle Q Architects.

Even though you’ll find it in almost every corner of the living area of this house, red does not seem to overwhelm the interior.

Three completely different ideas; they are all unique in each their own way.
Get inspired by farm fields seen from the air – an idea realised by Florian Pucher’s Europe Land Carpet.
The collection comprises also ‘views’ of other geographical locations than Europe. All carpets are made of 100% New Zealand wool.

“Dark side of the moon” has been created to celebrate the 40th anniversary of landing on the moon (20th of July 1969) and, as you can see, it really reminds the moon itself. 😉
Find out more on the designer’s website: Martin Mostböck.

Has it ever happened to you that the carpet you’ve just bought simply does not want to fit in the required space?
With the Imperial rug by Contraforma Studio you can forget all about that moment of disappointment.
This multi-segment rug enables you to make final size and form related corrections in the actual location.

This amazing Madrid’s loft belongs to a gay couple of fashion designer David Delfin and his boyfriend, photographer Gorka Postigo.

It exudes high creativity; traces of modernism with white backgrounds, simple furniture and airy spaces plus the historical touch with the 1940’s – 1960’s furniture items that add a great bohemian look and feel to this dream loft.

The almost overwhelming amount of art pieces brings this place to yet a different, higher dimension.

Cool roof oasis

Posted: 22. September 2010 in Design

It’s been such a gorgeous, sunny day today!!! 😉

I guess my attempt with this post is to keep summer in Scandinavia for as long as it’s only possible…and who wouldn’t like to get home on a casual afternoon and breathe in the last gasps of summer on a roof terrace like this?

The rest of this fresh and relaxed apartment is just as comfy and utterly inviting as the terrace itself. Don’t you think?

With grass in the living-room

Posted: 20. September 2010 in Design

This place is full of surprising use of colours, architectural shapes and angles as well as well-known design pieces.

A harmonious combination and a very down-to-earth attitude!

With music as background

Posted: 18. September 2010 in Design
Take a look at how an IT guy and a music lover at the same time made sure to have a home not only to relax in but also to cultivate his passion.


Black and white supplemented with grey tones – a very classical combination, perfect for a single guy. The flowery curtains and orange pillows slightly soften the uniform colour composition.

…but the first violin in this appartment is played by …well, music itself.

Great details that tell their own story about the owner’s interests.




A place for her

Posted: 16. September 2010 in Design

After all that testosterone it’s time for a little bit of feminine touch!

This comfortable and functional 70m2 apartment has everything  a modern, fashionable and energetic girl needs.

I love the colour splashes that add life to the otherwise dull base colours.

Great views – continued

Posted: 14. September 2010 in Design, Wish list

If you love big cities, their rhythms, vibrations, smells and lights…like I do…then I’m sure you would die for a view like this one!

With all the white colour inside the window is the most unique and yet dynamic piece of art! The interior looks fabulous as well 😉

Dark and moody

Posted: 13. September 2010 in Design

Sometimes you really need to restore your system, gather thoughts or simply run away from the noise and lights outside…and what a better way to do it than to find your protective shelter in a home with such interiors?

Dark and moody with only a few pieces of furniture and decorative elements that distinguish from these colours.

Perfect scenery for meditation and battery recharging 😉