Übercool extension

Posted: 20. August 2010 in Design

A demolition of one of the wings of this Victorian terraced house made room for a new modern white cube extension. It has a full-width glass wall with 5 metre high sliding doors, extending the living area out to the garden, and maximizing exposure to daylight.

I love the pink and red splash of colours in the kitchen zone as well as the floating staircase.

  1. Necdet says:


    Floating staircase is good.. Frames of terraced room preferably would be wooden, or brownish in order to match the great Victorian bricks.. Front view so distinctive with metallic frames…

    And, pink and red splashes are not shown a good integrity

    • ereszke says:

      Well, thank you Necdet for your comment. Style and good taste is a very personal thing and it often comes to mixing the things you like in a tasteful way…and most important…discovering the things sb else has tried before in a new innovative way for a surprising result! 🙂

  2. Linn says:

    That’s such a cool house. Without being a design/interior geek, I would say that it’ pretty sweet photos as well 🙂

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