Un homme français à New York

Posted: 5. August 2010 in Design, Wish list
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I guess the title reveals a lot…

…and yet, would you ever guess that this historic home on East 75th Street in New York City belongs to Oliver Sarkozy (half-brother to French President Nicolas Sarkozy)?

$2 million worth of renovations later and here’s the result to admire and envy.

From a number of top of the line manufactureres and designers whose products contributed to the project I only recognize the highly reliable bathroom brand – Duravit…the rest is still a puzzle for me 😉

One of the great features of this astonishing house is those colour splashes that catch your attention in each and every room.

There is life and there is a surplus of it! Yummy!

  1. Heidi says:

    Ja, resultatet er flot, ingen tvivl om det – hvad kan man ikke få for penge:) Men for at være lidt kritisk, så savner jeg en overordnet stil… Men trappen er bare genial – smart idé som jeg aldrig nogensinde har set før. Ha’ en dejlig weekend! Knus; Heidi

    • ereszke says:

      Hæ, hæ…ja, lige præcist, hvad kan man ikke få for penge…
      Ellers er jeg faktisk helt vild med denne bolig ‘uden stil’ der på en helt speciel måde er så stilfuld 🙂 Hilsen.

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