Saturday night! ;o)

Posted: 12. June 2010 in Design, Wish list
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Well, it’s such a cosy evening in the country where water is constantly pouring down from the sky (Danmark=Vandmark); it’s windy and grey outside but that WON’T spoil my mood. 🙂

The weather outside only helps me justify that it’s ok to fire up the fireplace, see a good movie lying under a warm blanket …and sipping a good cognac.

And a good cognac tastes best sipped from a stylish glass. Normann Copenhagen did it again. A piece of functional design that is so unexpectedly surprising.

Cheers everyone! …and have a great Sutaruday night out there!

And where else could I sit and and enjoy my Normann glass og cognac?

Well, why not in a Normann armchair? This one’s called Valdemar.

If I smoked cigars I would probably want one now as well ;o)


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