Beautiful SATC 2 interiors

Posted: 4. June 2010 in Design
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Whether you are a true fan of “Sex and the City” or not does not really matter here. I’m sure you’ll fall for these beautiful and stylish interiors that have been carefully designed for the SATC 2 movie to tell their part of the story.


I just love the vintage look of this wall!


Modern kitchen with a twist!


and just exactly WHO wouldn’t die for a walk-in-closet of this scale? I already feel carried away 🙂


I haven’t seen the movie yet but it’s definitely on my to-do-list for the nest couple of days. I will inhale all the fabulous interiors of 4 amazing women…their clothes are a totally different story that requires a separate post in a completely different blog 😉

  1. Gem says:

    I saw the film at the weekend. The fashion comes almost 2nd to the interiors in this second film. The set designers have spared no expense on the details, fabulous furnishings, graphic wall paper and have even featured the adorable Invisible lightswitches by Forbes and Lomax. This film did not disappoint, only inspired!

    • ereszke says:

      Hi Gem! What a coincidence. I also saw the movie this past weekend. I got inspired both interior-design- and fashion-wise. I guess I need to see it again (…and again) once it’s available on dvd to take a closer look at all the details. It’s impossible to absorb and really comprehend all what you see at the high speed a film of this kind is geared up to 🙂

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