Breaking News! :o)

Posted: 26. May 2010 in Design

I’m so happy today! 🙂

…and that’s because I’ve been honoured with a ‘Beautiful Blogger’ Award. The award has been given to me by Heidi from one of my favourite interior design blogs: Hallingstad.

According to the rules of this award I will now forward it to 7 other bloggers that I follow on a very regular basis and whose work and ideas I find really appealing and inspiring:

Avdelingen – very interesting interior design blog that I’ve started following recently. Lots of great pictures and a style that I definitely like a lot!

Emma’s blog – the ‘big fish’ as it comes to bloggers in the design world. Emma focuses mostly on inspiring photographs of great interiors.

Automatism – I’ve just discovered this place. There’s lots of great stuff to dive into.

Design Sponge – one of the classics between interior design blogs. Grace Bonney has been blogging since 2004!!! Was it actually technically possible to blog back then? 🙂

Design Milk – source of my everyday design inspiration. Watch out! You can easily get addicted!

Clamour For Glamour – a fashion blog that I follow every day. Camille – thank you for all the fashion-related hints and for sharing your cool rock-and-roll style.

It’s fashion baby – I guess the title says it all! 🙂 Lisbeth has a great sense of humour that often cheers me up…even if I don’t need it 😉

Bloggerland – a blog about blogging. Very educational stuff! If you suddenly see some more drastic changes on my own blog it’s because I’ve spent too much time on Bloggerland 😉


Now, the rules say also that I should mention 7 things about myself. Well, here they come then:

– I’m 33

– I’m a vegetarian

– I have a lovely cat whose name is Peter Pedal 😉

– I love to do at least 150 things at a time, otherwise I simply get bored

– I love travelling, but I’m happy that travel is no longer part of my professional life

– I love Denmark and most of the Danish people 🙂

– I enjoy most of the things regarding fashion and much of it is the fashion blogger’s fault! 😉


Thanks Heidi! You made my day! 🙂


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  1. You seem to have a very interesting life! We have very much something in common too! Travelling!

    • ereszke says:

      Hej Jesseca, thanks for you comment! Travelling is definitely what keeps me motivated on a daily basis…that and shopping 😉

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