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Doors to London’s heart :o)

Posted: 28. April 2010 in Design
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A great weekend in London has just ended and here is a collage of pictures that reflects the multicultural and colourful nature of this city in a symbolic way.

Main entrance doors in gorgeous Notting Hill district lead directly to the heart of the city. In London there is a ‘door’ for everybody who’s curious enough to open it and take the first steps.

Hope you enjoy this exterior piece of common art – a rare thing to find on my interior design blog 🙂

There is something about this bathroom…some kind of peace and tranquillity that is extremely appealing. Raw stone basin and oak basin unit – both in quiet earth colours.

Have a great distressing week! 🙂

I know animal prints are still one of the hot trends in fashion right now and I am myself a walking proof of that today wearing my stylish ballerinas with dark beige and black animal patterns…but does fashion go so far that it actually reaches and touches interior design?

What do you think? Just when exactly can it become too much?

…but never mind the animal patterns 🙂 this picture features also my favourite and one and only chaise-long by Le Corbusier. I miss it very much and look forward to having a larger living apace to give it the display area it truly deserves.

Aliens are among us!!!

Posted: 13. April 2010 in Design
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Do you like UFO science fiction stories, creepy alien movies and abnormal activities in general?

Well, then you should really consider decorating your interiors with Constantin Wortmann‘s Spacewalker lamps.


The Spacewalker can also easily be transformed into a pendant lamp:


And just take a look at the Spacewalker in blue…a great setting for one of the X-files’ episodes:

It’s spring time!

Posted: 12. April 2010 in Design
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It’s such great weather her in Copenhagen today and that’s inspired me to show you this ‘flower-power’ sofa from Linea Italia. It’s an explosion of energy and colours. Great for a vibrant living-room and for colour-conscious inhabitants. Enjoy! 🙂

Bend your own LED lamp

Posted: 7. April 2010 in Design
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I wonder what you think of that new design trend, according to which the end-user actually participates in the design creation process. The Abyss lamp by Kundalini can be bended in any direction and formed according to your wishes or moods. YOU are the one to decide its final look!

Somebody in the design world finally thought about MEEE 🙂 and designed a tealight holder that protects my fingers from burning. I send my thanks to Swedish Form Us With Love who is behind this simple and yet so innovative project.

Match candle glasses are designed with a vent where the lit match securely travels down to the tealight. The vent adds also to the aesthetic experience, emphasizing the flickering flame.

You can find Match at Muuto.

Bagalight – a lamp in a bag

Posted: 5. April 2010 in Design
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Bagalight is, according to its father: Cameron Fry, a design object whose one of the functions is to make us rethink the true and hidden value of a design object. Using an everyday object that we normally dispose of it also sets recycling in a different perspective.

I really like the concept! 🙂

Here come the two available pendants:

My favourite one is the table lamp. I also normally put my grocery bags on the table so that I can better see what’s inside of them when start emptying them.

Here comes the table lamp followed by the desk model.

Great idea Cameron!  … I look forward to other intriguing designs of your Liqui Design studio!